Yacht Rentals in Wrightsville Beach, NC

When looking for something different to do, consider looking at a yacht club like Weekender Yacht Charters. From island hopping adventures to lazy days aboard a 50′ luxury yacht, a yacht rental service in Wrightsville Beach, NC like Weekender Yacht Charters offers something for everyone.
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Yacht Rental Service

Yacht Rental Service

It doesn’t matter if you want to spend a few hours, an entire day, or longer on the water, because your perfect charter and yachting experience is waiting for you at Weekender Yacht Charters. The rates (including fuel) for the trip you book will vary depending on the yacht you choose and other factors such as boarding location. The standard timeframes for our yacht rental services are as follows:

  • Half Day Charters – 4 hrs
  • Three-Quarter Day Charters – 6 hrs
  • Full Day Charters – 8 hrs
  • Overnight and Bare Boat Charters are also available.

From a few hours to a full day or longer, spending time out on the open water and enjoying the luxury and comfort of a yacht excursion is a wonderful way to spend the afternoon or day. And at Weekender Yacht Charters, we offer more than a few water-bound activities too.

Find Your Fun and Adventure
at Weekender Yacht Charters

How do remote beaches and crystal blue waters miles away from the overcrowded beaches sound? How about the opportunity to find the perfect surf, every wave, or the fun of exploring sand dollars and serene beach fronts?

From island hopping adventures to bocci ball, skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, and more, your fun and adventure are only a charter away. At Weekender Yacht Charters, we offer yacht rentals and so much more.

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Find More Than Your Beach

For family outings, corporate events, wedding and bridal parties, birthday galas, and party parties, you can find more than just your perfect getaway and beach at Weekender Yacht Charters. If you live in or near Wrightsville Beach, NC, or plan on visiting or vacationing in the area soon, we invite you to explore our yacht rentals. Contact us to learn more about our exciting yacht rental services or to book your yachting adventure today.